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Welcome to Twin Branch Acres.  We are an Equestrian neighborhood tucked into an area on the Hillsborough and Pinellas county line. Our neighborhood includes horse trails, spacious lots and is located near Tampa Bay Downs. This is a growing and mature area of Tampa  and offers easy access to shopping, restaurants, and activities nearby.  Our area offers grade A and 5 star community rated schools along with several magnet schools for all grade levels.​​


2023 Dues notices have gone out via email and mail.  To pay online send your email address to  Checks can also be mailed to our PO Box 1671, Oldsmar, FL 34677

Your dues contributions go toward but are not limited to :
Maintaining the front entrance.
Electric & lighting for the fountains
Licensing and taxes
Postal Mailings
Website Domain/Yearly Hosting Fee
Social Community Events


Click below to find out what you can and should not be putting in the recyling bin.  Reminder.  Pick Up day for recycling is Tuesday starting Feb 1,2022



You do not need to be on the board to volunteer or attend meetings.  If you want to be involved in our community email us at



Do you have flooding in your ditch and culverts?  

You can report it on the county website.  The link is below.

Go to Once there you will see a tab for “Flooding Request”.  

TBA is now an approved golf cart community. The process was submitted and approved by the county.  There is a sign at the front entrance to notify drivers.  Click on the golf cart below to get to a  link to the Florida statutes.  

Website Visits

Please don’t hesitate to make maintenance requests to the County Public Works…they work for us…and we pay the bills.  There are many repairs that we could request, such as:

1. Dressing the shoulders of the roads with clean fill where there is a drop-off along the edge of pavement,

2.Cleaning out drainage ditches which don’t flow well,

3.Repairing culverts under driveways which have collapsed.

4.Repairing outfall structures in our 15 ponds.






Enter our social site on Facebook here

  • Wix Facebook page

This is a closed group to those that live in TBA. You may be asked to verify your address before you are added.

Contact us at


1. Cars and bikers, slow down to a speed of 10 MPH if you are approaching a horse and rider. Move over to the opposite lane if possible-

2. Do not blow your horn, rev your engines or yell when passing horses as this can startle a them!

3. Wait and allow a horse and rider to pass over the bridges first. The sounds your car makes over the bridge may frighten the horse and there is no where for the horse and rider to go but over the rail.

4. Keep in mind it may not be safe to approach a horse front or back, it may alarm them (walkers, bikers, skate boarders, golf carters)-

5. If you do approach a horse, use a calm voice and do not make any sudden movements.

6. Do not feed somebody’s horse without asking the owners permission.  A horse can have a specific health condition you might not be aware off

7. If you see a horse and rider approaching, and you are using any kind of loud machinery, please turn it off, until they pass as courtesy to the  horse and rider. They will be thankful!-

8. Do not dump trash or other objects on the trail!


If you keep these common/horse sense rules in mind it will allow the horse owners in our equestrian neighborhood to remain safe while riding.






Reminder to all drivers, SLOW DOWN and move over when you are passing a rider on a horse on TBA Rd as they make their way to the horse trail. Horses scare easily and your speeding could cause someone to get hurt.  Below are some additional safety rules.





Above is a document with some updated information for Hazardous Waste disposal effective Nov 1, 2014






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