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Tips to keep our neighborhood safe and clean

​​Resource Officers... We have been advised that we should contact the resource offices the next time anyone has any issues with suspicious activity in the neighborhood. The names of the officers that patrol our area are Jeff Carson and Phil Acaba.  The phone number for the office is 813-264-8593. This is a non emergency number and 911 should be called if you have a true emergency.  


Golf Carts...Though golf carts are legal in the TBA community there are still rules to operate them.  If caught by the Sherriff's Dept either speeding or driving recklessly it goes without saying that tickets will be issued no matter what the age.  

Driving...Be mindful while driving of those around you.  We have bikers and joggers and folks on horseback in the neighborhood and the roads are narrow so make sure you drive at the posted limits.  The added sidewalks have helped, but you should still be careful.

Curbing your  pets...While walking your pets make sure they are on a leash at all times.  Also as a courtesy to your neighbors, please remember to scoop after your pets.  Especially if the do their business on the sidewalks.


Animal Control...Please contact animal control at 813-744-5660 if you find any animals that have been injured.  The Hillsborough Sherriff Department does not handle injured animal reports and they should refer you to animal control. 


Coyotes...Since we have had several sitings recently of one or more coyotes in the neighborhood. Below is a link with some important information as to what you should and should not do if you encounter one on your property. Also below is a phone number for the FFWC


How can I report a coyote attack or encounter?

You can report the incident to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission by calling the regional office nearest to you or by calling 888-404-3922.



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