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Neighborhood Programs

Watch Program.....Please be aware of your surroundings. As you come and go from your home or the neighborhood,

watch for any criminal activity and report anything suspicious.​ Since we now have Facebook, some have been using it to keep us informed of cars that look out of place and also sightings of wild animals that could be dangerous to your pets and children.  This is a quick way to get information out.​ If you are going to be out of town, you may want to have a neighbor keep an eye on your home. Also if someone is house sitting, let your neighbor know so they are aware that someone will be at your home. 

Welcome Committee...Debbie Spoto is our volunteer Welcome Committee person.  If you want to be part of welcoming our new neighbors to the neighborhood please contact us at   You also can join our Facebook social page. You will find the link on our home page. 

Equestrian Interests...For those of you that own horses in the neighborhood and want to be a part of keeping our trails safe, clean and revitilized, Mike Hughey is your contact



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